Grease Syringes



Magnalube-G Teflon Grease 6cc Syringe with Dispensing Tip

Teflon additive in this elastomer-thickened grease reduces friction and waterproofs metal surfaces, preventing rust and corrosion. Teflon extends safe operating life and protects against equipment damage, even when normal re-lubrication is not performed.

–          Will not migrate, and is resistant to oil separation

–          Stable in extreme temperatures for maximum reliability

–          Resistant to water, offering extended protection against rust and corrosion

–          Permits higher loads than those considered safe for standard lubricating greases

NSF registered H2 for applications with no possibility of food contact. Temperature range is –35° to +450° F. Color is green. Compliant under all state VOC rules in effect on October 1, 2010.

Dispensing tip is ideal for getting the grease into tight gaps, right where you want it.  Slide tracks for pistols, trigger mechanisms, in between spring coils.  Syringe also comes with a screw on cap, to prevent it from accidentally getting squeezed out in your shooting stool.


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