RPS Triggers™ 2-stage sear for the Brügger & Thomet B&T TP9

Brügger & Thomet B&T TP9



Upgrade kit for trigger creates a 2-stage trigger with lighter, smoother pull, and a sharp break.  Match trigger performance on a tactical pistol.

Kit includes:

New sear and trigger spring.  All parts are ‘drop-in’ with zero modifications.

Key benefits:

– A true 2-stage trigger.

– Improved smooth trigger pull with no gritty feel or break-in needed.

– Reliable performance, even in dirty conditions.  Grease is optional.  Sear has an advanced low friction surface coating that does not need lubrication, which might attract dirt.

– Sear is CNC machined from plate tool steel (not cast), and full depth heat treated.  High quality steel holds sharp sear edges that will ‘break like glass’.


– Installation by gunsmith or armorer is recommended.

– Compatible with B&T TP9

– Made in the USA.



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