Polarized Filters



Eliminate glare on your front sight.

ShootingSight now offers a kit of three colors of Polarized Filters which can be inserted into the hood of a NM sight on a service rifle.  These filters can be used stacked with a Bob Jones corrective lens, or by themselves. 

The kit contains 1 each of:    

Yellow: 75% light transmission for bright image, but lower degree of polarization.  Excellent for haze conditions.    

Vermilion (pink): 42% light transmission.  Good polarization – two crossed filters block most of spectrum of visible light.  Best for     creating contrast between colors.    

Gray: 38% light transmission.  Color neutral.  Highest level of polarization – 2 crossed filters block over 99% of visible light.    

Rubber o-ring to secure the filters in place.

Filters are available in 2 sizes:

5/16″ diameter to fit ShootingSight, Compass Lake, or some Bob Jones hoods on the AR-15.

3/8″ diameter to fit M-14 / M-1A / M-1 Garand NM sight hoods.

Installation Notes:

1.  These filters have a protective blue plastic layer on both sides.  In the kit, the yellow filter will look green, the pink will look purple,      and the gray will look dark blue.  These plastic layers need to be peeled off and removed before use. Gray with blue protective film, Vermilion, Yellow with protective film partly peeled back.

2.  Polarization has a direction, so orienting the inserts is important.  Each insert has a notch cut in the edge to indicate orientation.      This notch needs to be either at the top or the bottom once inserted.

3.  Insert the filter, orient it correctly, then press the rubber O-ring into the hood to secure the filter in place.

4.  Removing the filters from the hood will require a pin or dental pick to catch the edge of the notch and pull it out.  Do not remove     by pushing anything back through the center of the sight hood, or you can scratch the insert.

5.  The only time you cannot use these filters is if you are shooting with polarized glasses, since two non-aligned polarized surfaces will become very dark.


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