M14 and/or EBR “Cosmetic Seconds” Triggers — Discounted


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These are “Cosmetic Seconds” of our M14 Triggers, or our M14 EBR style Triggers. These will function correctly, but they are not as pretty.  Some have the tapped hole off-center for the pull adjustment plunger, so the tips of the threads are breaking through.  Ugly, nothing a machinist would be proud of, but while the steel is thinner on one side, it is thicker on the other, so I do not expect any performance issues. Other issues seen are a tool that slipped when radiusing the bow of the trigger, so it dug too deep and left a ridge.


These come with warranty, so if you want to save a few bucks on your upgrade, this is the chance.


These are limited in quantity (we try and avoid making them :-), and will drift in/out of stock.  If it lets you add it to the cart, they are available.


We are selling these with at 20% discount due to the cosmetic issues. The photos show some examples of the possible cosmetic issues.

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Stock Style

M14 (wrist), EBR (pistol-grip)


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