Striker for FNS / 509


High Performance striker for FN FNS / 509 pistol.

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High performance striker for FN FNS or 509 series pistols.

This High Performance striker is machined from billet 17/4PH stainless steel, not MIM.  The design is not simply a duplicate of the FN design, but has upgraded sear geometry, a PTFE bearing surface, and low friction coating.  The result is:

  1. A much smoother trigger pull, due to Teflon bearing surface, and without having to polish or make any other permanent changes to your pistol.
  2. Less creep in the second stage – 30% reduction versus factory.
  3. A sharper break – 33% reduction versus factory.
  4. A reduction in pull force, without light-weighting the springs, due to the low friction NiB coating, giving over 1lb reduction in pull versus factory.

In short, this striker is a drop-in trigger job, without having to do a complete disassembly of the lower.  It is a single part, switched out in the slide in under 5 minutes.  The attached pull force chart shows the benefits in creep, sharpness of break, and reduction of pull force:





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