2 Diopter Lenses, Front Sunshade, and Screw-in Lens Cap


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Both +0.25 and +0.50 Diopter Lenses, Front Sunshade, and Screw-in Lens Cap to add to your existing 30mm front sight tube.

Threads compatible with other 30mm sights. Lens options include either +0.25 diopter or +0.50 diopter (specify when ordering).

Lenses are Anti Reflective coated optical grade polycarbonate.  AR coating assures a bright, high contrast image.

Optical grade polycarbonate is shatter resistant, and blocks UV light to decrease strain on eyes. Lenses are mounted in metal frames, which screw in to a repeatable position in the sight tube.  This allows a lens frame to be removed from the sight tube for cleaning or storage, and re-inserted with minimal shift in your zero.

All lenses are ground co-axial with the lens center for minimum distortion. All lens frames have female threads cut on front of frame, allowing a sunshade or lens cap to be screwed into the front of the lens frame. Front Sunshade is black anodized, and has full length internal threads cut to reduce flat surfaces which might reflect light.

Sunshade will screw into front of 30mm front sights, or into the front of ShootingSight lens frames.  Note, these will not screw onto the rear threads of most sight irises, as the rear threads on an iris are a different size.

Use of Front Sunshade is recommended with lenses, to help protect the lens surface from the high pressure muzzle blast. Lens cap is a screw-in metal cap which will screw into either the front of the Sunshade, or directly into the lens frame, to give your front lens the best protection possible.

These lenses are custom made when ordered, so it may take two weeks for the order to be fulfilled.



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