Adjustable NM Trigger for M14/M1A/M1


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A robust NM trigger that lets you set pull weight down to 4-1/2 lb for Service Rifle shooting, with an adjustable second stage sear engagement for zero felt creep.

Adjustable pull weight.

Adjustable second stage creep.

Incorporates the USMC TM modifications to the disconnector for improved reliability on recock – less chance of a double.

Works with a stock hammer, without a ‘trigger job’ that requires stoning, and risks breaking through the case-hard surfaces.

No cutting of the hammer spring required.

Requires no modifications to the rifle.

Perfect for SR shooting, and will break like glass when the hammer is released.

The DMR trigger is a drop-in part that can be installed and adjusted by a gunsmith or armorer in about 15 minutes.  Since no stoning is required, it will hold its set.  Since there is no need to cut the hammer spring to reduce trigger pull force, the ‘lock time’ (time for the hammer to swing from release to hitting the firing pin) is not extended.

Sorry, but this trigger is not legal for the CMP ‘as-issued’ Garand matches.

* Individual results may vary, depending on other components in your trigger group*

USA sales only

For a plot of pull force vs displacement, which shows a 60% reduction in creep, to only 0.011″ trigger travel, and 4.6 lb max pull

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