Tavor/X-95 High Energy Recoil Spring

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Tavor/X95 High Energy Recoil Spring (HERS)

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High Energy Recoil Spring (HERS) for the Tavor and the X-95.

This spring is intended for use in the 5.56mm Tavor and X-95 being shot with suppressors, where the increased back-pressure will cause the action to cycle faster and more violently.

The heavier spring will slow the bolt cycling, and reduce the bolt carrier impact slamming into the receiver when it goes to full-stroke.  This will improve reliability of operation, and possibly reduce wear on the rifle.  The stronger spring will still function when shooting unsuppressed, based on testing done to date.

This recoil spring absorbs 25% more energy through the stroke than a regular recoil spring.  Selecting 25% extra energy as a design goal was to try and hit the window of slowing the cyclic rate and impact of suppressed shooting, yet still allowing the rifle to function unsuppressed.

Price of $30 each, with free shipping.

Installation by a gunsmith is recommended.  These springs are provided based on testing done to date.  No warranty is given for damage to your gun resulting from installation or use of this spring.

International orders to qualifying countries accepted, but there is an additional $10 charge for international shipping.

1 review for Tavor/X-95 High Energy Recoil Spring

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sterling Hess (verified owner)

    Put in my X-95, as even unsuppressed, with 5.56 ammo the gun seemed over gassed, This spring helps so the bolt doesn’t bottom out as hard at its rear most travel. With a 762-SD silencer, it feels a lot better, seemingly comparable to a stock spring unsuppressed, and with 556-SD, it still feels over gassed, but does not feel like its beating itself to death. Have not shot with Wolf/tula ammo yet, Though I suspect it would still cycle fine.

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