Available as a US Mil Manual of Arms trigger.

Dec 7, 2017.  Pearl Harbor Day

I have a variant of the ShootingSight RPS Trigger™ for the AR that works as a drop-in for the B&T APC line of guns.  This includes the 9mm, the .45 cal, the .223, and the .308.


This trigger is almost identical to my AR trigger, and in fact my standard AR trigger will function in this gun, but the B&T safety selector cam is slightly fatter than a mil-spec AR safety cam, so when the hammer releases, there is almost zero overtravel until the tail of the trigger hits the safety cam.  It works, but has little margin for error.  As a result, I have taken a small batch of my AR triggers and modified them to make the safety tail slightly thinner.  Now they work perfectly.

The one issue to be aware of is that the design of an AR trigger is such that you cannot engage the safety when the hammer is forward, while the B&T design is such that you can.  So if you are OK with that small detail, this is the trigger you want:

  • True 2-stage, where the trigger hits a solid ‘bump’ just before hammer release.
  • Pull force is about 2lb on the first stage, and 2.5lb on the second stage, for a total pull of about 4.5 – 5.0 lb, about 1lb lighter than the B&T trigger.
  • Hammer swing time is over 2x as fast as the OEM trigger.
  • Lapped sears with NiB coating are amazingly smooth.

It’s a really good trigger!

Separately, I am developing a new concept for an AR style trigger that will allow the safety to be engaged when the hammer is forward.  This design also ofers several other benefits, so after I get the prototypes done, I might integrate some of the design concepts into the AR line.

Bottom line:

  1. I offer a line of modified AR triggers that are a drop-in to the B&T APC today, and they are awesome.
  2. I am working on a new design to allow hammer forward safety engagement.  Performance is expected to be as good as my AR triggers.

More updates as events warrant.



Nov 2, 2017

APC9 arrived from B&T, so initial measurements and test with the ShootingSight RPS Trigger are underway.  Learnings so far:

  • The RPS Trigger™ for the AR drops in fine, and functions without a problem.
  • Pull weight is reduced by about 1lb from 5.5lb to 4.5lb.
  • Hammer swing time is dramatically faster – 4.2ms ve 8.6ms.
  • Ignition energy is 56% higher
  • Redesign is underway to determine if the ability to cock with the hammer forward can be achieved without giving up these benefits.

Oct 12, 2017

B&T is sending a gun to start looking at what it will take to get a US Made 2-stage trigger into it.  All ShootingSight triggers are CNC machined from RPS (Rolled Plate Steel), which is not only a superior grade to cast steel, but CNC programs are relatively easy to modify for small runs of parts while molds for cast triggers are much less flexible.  Given the success of my other triggers, I anticipate this will be a good solution.

I’ll update as we progress.


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