Scar 16/17 Adjustable 2-Stage RPS Trigger™

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A premium 2-stage trigger/hammer for the SCAR platform, featuring sharper breaks, faster hammer locktime, and higher ignition energy than any other SCAR trigger.


We are temporarily out of stock of this trigger.  A small quantity of this older version will be kitted out soon, but we do not currently intend to make more batches of this version. For the new version of this trigger go here

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This RPS™ Trigger is a premium 2-stage trigger/hammer for the SCAR platform, featuring sharper breaks, faster hammer locktime, and higher ignition energy than any other SCAR trigger.  All components are CNC from Rolled Plate Steel – not cast.


· 2-stage, giving a predictable glass like break.

· Adjustable for second stage sear engagement.

· Includes replacement trigger spring, to control first stage trigger pull, allowing minimum of about 3.5lb (2lb first +1.5lb second stage), up to 3lb first + 1.5lb second stage.

· Machined from heat treated plate tool steel, for superior metallurgy versus cast parts.

· Ultra hard / low friction NiB surface coating allows lube free operation in dirty / tactical environments.

· Polished and honed sear surfaces for butter-smooth pull.

· Refined design reduces hammer swing time 3ms faster than stock (from 9ms to 6ms), and increases firing pin energy for superior ignition.

· Patent Pending rubber coating on trigger bow provides slip resistance, and preserves touch sensitivity on trigger finger, by insulating from thermal extremes in hot or cold climates.

· Fits both SCAR 16 and SCAR 17.

· Works on both Black and FDE models.

· No modifications needed – Drop in parts can be installed and adjusted in minutes (gunsmith installation recommended).


SCAR Trigger Installation Instructions

SCAR Supplemental instruction for adjustable disconnector

Warranty and Terms SCAR

4 reviews for Scar 16/17 Adjustable 2-Stage RPS Trigger™

  1. Steven Lessard, – Premiere Forum of the FN product line

    I bought this trigger for my SCAR17 and I am very impressed with it. The adjustable second stage makes it more desirable IMHO than the Geiselle Super SCAR trigger, and the SS trigger is at a much lower price point. The steel utilized is superior, the trigger release is smooth and crisp. I purchased the curved trigger model and the non slip coating on the bow of the trigger is very nice and an added benefit. Trigger slippage is a major concern to precision shooters and this eliminates the slippage. I have plans to purchase additional triggers for my other SCAR’s

  2. JJ Rodgers

    Outstanding trigger! Some people don’t like adjustable triggers in fear of messing it up, but I love it. Play with it, get it to your liking and it’ll be far better than the Geiselle trigger. And with a much kinder price point, it’s well worth it.

  3. David Walker (verified owner)

    5 Stars PLUS! This is well worth the $250 price. As the ONLY Adjustable 2 stage trigger for the FN SCAR, this product simply out performs the MUCH more expensive Geissele and Timney offerings. The details: I am in my 50’s, my eyes are not what they once were, but I love shooting good groups at distance. From the first shot I was seriously impressed. The smooth light pull through the first stage stops perfectly as you settle in and micro tune aim before the shot, trying to eliminate all movement. Stage 2 breaks light, clean and crisp and does not upset the aim of the weapon. I fired 120 test rounds with inexpensive brass case bulk ammo at 100 and 200 yards and was 100% on target using 4″, 6″, 9″ and 12″ targets. The first 8 rounds out of my clip where within 2″ at 100 yards on a 4″ Target. The next clip of 30 rounds was a 6-8″ group at 200 yards. With the standard heavy mil-spec trigger in the stock SCAR, try as I might, I was never 100% on target through a 30 round clip at 200 yards because the heavy trigger would frequently upset the weapon during discharge. Arts Shooting Sight RPS SCAR Trigger eliminates that problem. Importantly, It’s also an easy install for anyone who works on mechanical or other detail oriented hardware projects. I am not a Gunsmith, and had not done a trigger on a Scar until I upgraded my Scar 16. I found the written install instructions easy to follow, and used SCAR Youtube trigger disassembly and reassembly videos to add a visual element during the upgrade. I will be ordering another SCAR trigger from Art for my SCAR 17 shortly. You can’t go wrong with this trigger and it makes no sense to spend more money on the big name of other triggers, as they are inferior to this set up because they don’t have the adjustable 2-Stage feature that this RPS SCAR trigger has.

  4. Alex (verified owner)

    Great trigger. It feels just like the Geissele except it’s adjustable. I set mine just a hair heavier, but it is a very crisp break after the first stage and excellent reset.

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