Tavor Rifle 2-Stage RPS Trigger™ – Aluminum Housing

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TAVOR 2-STAGE RPS TRIGGER™ ShootingSight is pleased to announce the TAV-D, the first true 2-stage trigger pack for the IWI Tavor rifle.

The Tavor is a superb rifle, with excellent design, ergonomics, fit/finish.  ShootingSight has designed the ideal trigger to go with it.

In chosing the best trigger for a battle rifle, we took a cue from the greatest battle rifle ever devised: the M1 Garand.  The M1 has a superb 2-stage trigger.  It is robust, but keeps the crispness and accuracy of a two-stage trigger pull.

The M1 concept was married with tool steel, CNC machining, and aerospace surface coatings.  The result is the TAV-D, a 2-stage trigger which is robust, smooth, and crisp.


· 2-stage, giving a predictable glass like break.

· 3lb first stage, 5lb total pull

· Machined from heat treated plate tool steel, for superior metal grain structure.

· Housing CNC machined from billet aluminum and Mil-Spec hardcoat anodized.

· Ultra hard / low friction surface coating allows lube free operation in dirty / tactical environments.

· Polished and honed sear surfaces for butter-smooth pull.

· Drop in trigger pack is fully assembled.



No modifications needed. USA/Canada sales only.

In order to ship to Canada, purchaser needs to select the option for exportation to Canada.  By selecting this option, purchaser affirms that he/she is a Canadian citizen, and agrees that the trigger is for end-use in Canada and may not be re-exported.

TAV-D Trigger Install

Warranty and Terms Trigger Hammer

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3 reviews for Tavor Rifle 2-Stage RPS Trigger™ – Aluminum Housing

  1. Keith

    Very cool and I couldn’t,be more pleased. Great upgrade of the OEM trigger.

  2. Matt (verified owner)

    I Love this trigger! I have both the Geissele Super Sabra trigger for my X-95 and the the Tav-D for my Tavor SAR, the Tav-D is way better!! The Tav-D has a more constant pull and feel IMO! I wish I knew about the Tav-D before I gotten the Geissele trigger! This trigger is a must to improve your Tavor!

  3. Mark Volk (verified owner)

    This is a massive improvement over the stock trigger pack, especially on the SAR. Fantastic two-stage trigger. This should be the first upgrade you make.

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