Rectangular Aperture/Rack Assembly M1/M14 NM


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ShootingSight Rectangular Apertures give you the best of both worlds!  A bright, high contrast image, and crisp edges between the top of the front sight and the target.  No more compromising.  Rectangular Apertures redistribute your depth of field to improve focus at the critical horizontal juncture between the top of the front sight post, and the bottom of the target, improving aim.  In photography, this is referred to as ‘bokeh’.  You get focus on the top edge of the post like you were looking through a 0.025″ aperture, but the brightness of a much larger 0.047″ aperture, so you can see clearly, even on a dim day.

Rectangular Apertures give you bright and sharp at the same time to let you see better, aim better, and shoot better.

Apertures are equivalent brightness to an 0.047″, or 0.052″ diameter round aperture.  (Rectangular aperture height is 0.025″, or 0.030″.) 

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Hoods are assembled onto a NM elevation rack which will be slightly over-sized and will need to be stoned down for a precise fit to your sight base.

1/2MOA adjustment is preserved with these NM sights.

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