Reduced Apertures M1 ‘as issued’ JCG Match Legal


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Reduced diameter apertures for M1 Garand increase your depth of field, and help your eye focus on the front sight.

0.0595″, 0.052″, 0.047″, 0.044″, and 0.042” sizes are available

CMP approved for ‘as-issued’ Garand matches.

CMP 2012 rules for ‘As-Issued’ Military Rifle Requirements – 6.3.1(7)

“Sights must be of the same types that were on rifles issued to regular military personnel, except that the internal diameter of rear apertures may be modified.”

Reducing the aperture will increase the depth of field of the eye, and will result in improved focus on both the front sight and the target.

–          New USGI aperture rack.

–          0.002″ thick steel aperture insert for razor sharp edge – no more looking down a tube.

–          Five sizes available; 0.052″ is equivalent to a NM aperture, 0.047″ for extra focus, and 0.042″ (not recommended for 600+ yds).

–          Drop-in part.  No fitting or modification required.

 Link to CMP disassembly procedure for the rear sight

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0.042, 0.044, 0.047", 0.052, 0.0595"


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