SCAR 16/17 Upper Receiver Screws


Complete set of SCAR upper receiver screws, including Allen wrenches.

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Alloy steel replacement screws for the SCAR 16/17 upper receiver.

Set includes

1 – M5x10 for the top of the rear trunnion – 3mm Allen

9 – M4x6 for the sides of the rear trunnion, the guide rail, the case deflector – 2.5mm Allen.

4 – M4x8 for the ‘teardrops’ and front sling plate – 2.5mm Allen.

4 – M4x12 for the side rails – 2.5mm Allen.

2 – M5x12 T25 Torx for the bottom rail – T25 Torx.

2 – Allen wrenches, 2.5mm and 3mm.

1 – T25 Torx wrench.

Only screws thing missing are the 6 custom ratcheting screws to mount the barrel and the front trunnion (these are an OEM item).

I presume that due to US mil-spec requirements for corrosion resistance, the OEM screws are stainless, and have a habit of stripping out.  These alloy steel screws are stronger and won’t strip as easily.


NOTE: screws on a SCAR are held in place by green Loctite, which is strong, and requires that you apply heat to soften it prior to removal.  Personally, I like to use a propane torch, but you need to be careful as there are some plastic parts which can melt or burn if you get them too hot or aim the torch wrong.  I don’t guarantee this method will work for you.


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