M14 EBR Trigger / Hammer Set

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A set of the EBR Adjustable Trigger, and NM Speed-hammer.

The trigger bow is optimized for the ergonomics of a pistol grip stock, and is angled so the trigger finger can pull straight back, versus the up/back direction of the traditional M14 in a wrist-style stock.

National Match Prepped, this trigger/hammer are the only M1 / M14 trigger parts to ever offer drop-in NM performance, with no modifications or grinding required, along with a 25% reduction in lock time (hammer swing time).    

Polished, ground, and fully hardened sear edges will release the hammer like breaking a glass rod.  A hard / low friction surface coat makes the trigger pull butter smooth and eliminates wear.    

All parts are true ‘drop-in’ on USGI spec trigger housings with no additional fitting, polishing, or tuning required on the parts or on the rifle. (Commercial trigger housings occasionally require some fitting)

Lock time is the time between when the trigger releases the hammer, and the hammer hits the firing pin.  That’s time during which the rifle is typically swinging off-target.  Especially in offhand shooting, if shots are broken as you are moving ‘off-target’, that time can cost points.  The ShootingSight NM Hammer is machined from billet steel to be light weight, reducing polar moment by 40%, and optimizing geometry for speed. Lock time is reduced 35% from 8.5ms to 5.5ms; which is as fast as a NM hammer on an AR-15.

Sear edges are ground and polished to be sharp before an ultra hard and low friction surface coating is added.  The result is a smooth trigger pull, and a clean break which will not wear.  Adjustments are added for second stage sear engagement, as well as for trigger pull weight, allowing adjustment to a minimum of 4.5lb for NRA/CMP competitions.

Consumer Comments:

“These are worth every cent you pay for them. Try one in a match, you will never it have any other way. I got them in my match conditioned 14s and in my McCoy M1. When I can afford another one, it will go in my other McCoy M1.”  Nez R.

“It’s fantastic.  Predictable, and so FAST!  Whole system feels like running a bolt action.  I like the feel of your NM better than others, which to me interpose a disconnect at the junction of subconscious/trigger break, which make it difficult to ‘time’ a shot.” Charlie M

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3 reviews for M14 EBR Trigger / Hammer Set

  1. Fishjager (verified owner)

    I bought two of these sets for a couple of M1A’s that have EBR style chassis on them. I had to wait for back order. But, it was worth the wait. These triggers are fantastic. They are a welcome addition to my M1A platforms. The additional length and curve to the EBR trigger feels great. I bet my accuracy will be a lot better as well.

  2. Art Banks

    Best darn configuration for a precision M14.
    I have three in rifles now and am in the process of ordering a forth.

  3. Jeff (verified owner)

    I love the one’s in my rifles and intend to get me another set for sure! Beware of the Taiwanese trigger housings though…

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