Test Lens Frame




Shooter’s Test Lens Frame optimized for ‘old eyes’ to determine your ideal vision correction while shooting.

Frame with 5 lenses, +0.25 diopter to +1.25 Diopter, in steps of 0.25

Test Lens Board – 5 Positive power lenses in 0.25 diopter steps

You need help with the front sight.  You don’t wear eyeglasses, except maybe to read.  You see distance fine.  But since you reached your 40’s, you need a little help reading up close, especially in dim light.  You might even use reading glasses from the drugstore.  In shooting, you are having trouble focusing on  the front sight, especially at the end or the day, or back at 600 yards.  Perhaps you have moved to Center  of Mass aiming, because the fine line where your front sight touches the target is fuzzy, and you were stringing your shot groups top/bottom. Your scores have dropped from where you were shooting a few years ago.  Prescription lenses might help, but they are an expensive experiment if you can’t try them out first.  You can buy a diopter lens for your sight hood.  But what power?

The Test Lens Frame is your answer.

This is a reduced set of test lenses, mounted in a frame.  Ideal for shooters who have otherwise normal vision, but have developed presbiopia, or ‘old eyes’, and need a slight amount of positive power to help see the front sight better.  This test board will allow you to try different positive power lenses next to each other to determine what strength correction gives you the best shooting vision, while:

    looking through the actual sights of your rifle

    at the actual distance you are shooting

    under actual lighting conditions

Includes 5 optical quality glass lenses from +0.25 to +1.25 diopters, all inserted into a convenient frame.  Simply move the frame to compare your vision through different lenses.

Note, these are not tempered or impact resistant glass, and could shatter if struck, causing injury, blindness, or death.  These lenses should not be used for actual shooting, or as a replacement for safety glasses. These lenses are not a substitute for professional eye care.  If you suspect you have a vision problem, you should always consult a professional.

PDF of Test Lenses Instructions


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