30 MM Front Sight Lens


30mm Front Sight Lens

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Standard Diopter Lens to add to your existing 30mm front sight tube.

Threads compatible with other 30mm sights. Lens options include either +0.25 diopter, +0.50 diopter, or +0.75 diopter (specify when ordering).

Lenses are Anti Reflective coated optical grade polycarbonate.  AR coating assures a bright, high contrast image.  Optical grade polycarbonate is shatter resistant, and blocks UV light to decrease strain on eyes. Lenses are mounted in metal frames, which screw in to a repeatable position in the sight tube.  This allows a lens frame to be removed from the sight tube for cleaning or storage, and re-inserted with minimal shift in your zero.

All lenses are ground co-axial with the lens center for minimum distortion. All lens frames have female threads cut on front of frame, allowing a sunshade or lens cap to be screwed into the front of the lens frame.

Comes in 4 strengths, please select from the drop down menu.

These lenses are custom made when ordered, so it may take 2 weeks to fulfill the order.


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+0.25, +0.50, +0.75


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