30mm Glare Shields


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The Glare Shield is a tinted filter with an opening in its center. The hole is slightly larger than the front iris, so the target image seen through the center of the iris is unaffected by the filter, but intense peripheral light is reduced.  This filter is ideal if you are shooting into the sun, where target illumination is poor relative to intense background light.  Filter material has very low optical distortion, so ability to read number boards is preserved.

The concept for the glare shield was proposed by Mark Snider, based on the  fixed iris disks in various colors, widely used in small bore shooting, as well as the rain shields I currently make.  Mark proposed crossing the two, by opening the hole in a colored iris, so the filter could be used in conjunction with a variable iris for High Power.  Mark and Germán Salazar tested the initial prototypes with great success.

All filters are mounted in a modular filter ring that has male threads on one side, and female threads on the other, so this filter can be stacked with other 30mm accessories in any order desired.

The ID of the opening is 1/4″, so as to be larger than the iris size of most shooters, however custom requests can be accommodated. Filter material is available in neutral gray, or amber.

Germán did a write-up on his results in The Rifleman’s Journal

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Brown, Gray, Amber, Yellow, Neon Yellow


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