30mm Filter Adapter Ring



Step-up thread adapter, to let you add a standard photographic filter to your existing 30mm front sight tube.

Rather than try develop, produce, and inventory custom (and expensive) filters for a 30mm sight tube, ShootingSight has developed a step-up thread adapter ring, so a shooter can take advantage of the wide selection of inexpensive and high quality photographic filters on the market to improve their target image.

This Adapter Ring has a male thread section to screw into the 1-1/4 x 28TPI thread standard of a 30mm front sight, and has a female threaded section in the 40.5mm x 0.5mm photographic standard, allowing you to add haze reduction filters, UV filters, ND (Neutral Density gray to reduce brightness), simple protective filters to keep muzzle blast off your lens, or tinted filters for contrast enhancement.  Note that keeping a selection of tinted photo filters is a lot less expensive than keeping a selection of tinted lenses on hand.

Filter adapter will fit either the Centra 30mm Goliath front sight, with no lens installed, or will screw in front of ShootingSight lenses, or the ShootingSight sun shades.  This is NOT compatible with the Right Sight.

Note, there are 2 photographic standards.  This adapter uses 40.5 x 0.5mm, which is the most common.  However there is also a less common 40.5 x 0.75mm.  I have verified that filter manufacturers HOYA and Tiffen (the 2 brands most professionals use) are 40.5 x 0.5mm, and are compatible with this adapter.  I have not verified other brands.  If you do try and screw in a 40.5 x 0.75mm, it will still work: the threads will engage for about 1-1/2 revolutions, and will tighten up before the shoulder of the filter is in contact with the adapter.  Not elegant, but functional.

This item is the step-up ring only.  30mm Sunshade and 40.5mm filter are not included, and are shown in the above pictures for illustrative purposes only


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