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Other strengths are available in the “Boxy Style” Safety Reading Glasses.

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ShootingSight is pleased to offer ANSI Z87+ Safety Glasses tuned especially for the shooter.

These are high impact rated safety glasses with a full reading lens – NOT the bifocal stuff you see everywhere.

Shooting Glasses are Z87+ (high impact rated) polycarbonate glasses with corrective power molded right into the lenses.  They come in  +0.50 diopter, +0.75 diopter, or +1.00 diopter.  Assuming you have good distance vision, and only use reading glasses, these are the three powers that will adjust your focus to the hyper focal distance of your front sight.  This will let you see the sight, without giving up seeing the target.

+0.50 diopter is for longer sight radius rifles, like the M-1 / M-1A, or match rifles where the distance from the eye to the sight is in the range of 29″.

+0.75 diopter is for shorter sight radius rifles, like the A2 AR with 20″ bbl, or the M-1 Carbine, where the Front sight is 22-25″ from the eye.  These are also ideal for pistol shooters, where the rear sight is 22-25″ away.

+1.00 diopter is for very short sight radius rifles, like the M4, the FN SCAR, with the front sight only 18″ from the eye, or most bullpup rifles.

– Rubber nose pads for comfortable wear.

– Wrap style

Higher power reading glasses are available in non-wrap style on another product page.

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+0.50, +0.75, +1.00, +1.50, +2.00, +2.50, +2.50 Bifocal

1 review for Safety Reading Glasses – Wrap Style

  1. TEXMJM (verified owner)

    All you 50 year old shooters out there, heads up!

    These are truly excellent. I have tried reading glasses under safety glasses, safety lower bifocal, safety upper bifocal. They all have issues. With all of them, fit, head alignment on sighting line, head movement, are an issue.

    These are perfect. The site is clear. Pop. nail driven. You will not be disappointed.

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