SCAR Punch – Piston Removal Tool


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A guided punch that fits in the rails of the upper, aligning a punch pin to drive out the gas piston using the BCG.


IMPROVED DESIGN!  Now with threaded stud, so it can be driven by the Bolt Carrier, or mounted on the end of a cleaning rod.


This is a delrin block, CNC machined to fit in the rails of the upper, which positions a small punch pin to extract the piston for cleaning.  There are other ways to get cleaning rods or other tools in there to drive the piston out for cleaning, but using the tool that’s designed for the job makes it just that much easier.


This punch is included in the SCARmorer tool, but in case you want a spare, or in case you already have an FN tool kit assembled, you can buy this piece separately.



Made in USA.


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