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This RPS Trigger™ is a newly manufactured trigger, CNC machined by ShootingSight from a solid block of tool steel (billet) for improved fatigue and tensile properties versus cast steel.  The only adjustable M14 style trigger ever offered for sale, it is adjustable for pull force and second stage sear engagement.

The trigger bow is optimized for the ergonomics of a pistol grip stock, and is angled so the trigger finger can pull straight back, versus the up/back direction of the traditional M14 in a wrist-style stock.

Sear surfaces are hand lapped and honed for the ultimate in smoothness, and then coated with Nickel Boron for an ultra hard surface that is both wear resistant and low friction.  NiB is so slick that it can be run dry in adverse conditions, where oil or grease would attract grit buildup.

Disconnectors are similarly machined from tool steel, and have a steeper face, consistent with the USMC TM on match preparation for a trigger.  This steeper discon face gets increased grip on recock, eliminating the possibility of doubling, which was known to happen with a USGI design.

US/Canada sales only.  Gunsmith installation is recommended if you are not qualified to work on triggers.

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4 reviews for M14 EBR RPS TRIGGER™

  1. shootingsight

    Nailed it! Shooting Sight’s new EBR profile match-grade trigger I got a package in the mail yesterday and in it was a brand new fully-adjustable trigger specifically designed to be used in pistol-gripped M14’s. It dropped right in and all I can say is WOW!!! You get a lot more trigger than a GI trigger… Tony

  2. Art Banks

    What a beautifully engineered trigger. I am using mine in conjunction with a JAE stocked M14 type rifle and the ergonomics are perfect.

  3. James Loper

    I installed the trigger as soon as it arrived yesterday. This is a great 2 stage trigger. The trigger contour is perfect for a pistol grip stock. The video made the installation very easy. Can’t wait to go out and shoot it.

  4. Ronald Bull

    i purchased the complete set a few years back, folks back there did the conversion for me, got it returned in a very quick time, trigger pull on lyman gauge was 3.8 to 4.0 lbs. OUTSTANDING, my accuracy improved significantly, awesome customer service and product

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