Grease Syringes



Mobil SHC-1500 Lithium stabilized synthetic grease, 6cc Syringe with Dispensing Tip

All trigger components have a permanent low friction coating, so grease is optional, especially in a dusty enviroment. However for non-dusty uses, even low friction coatings run smoother with a small dab of grease on the sear contact surfaces.

Mobil SHC-1500 recommended temperature range is 30 ºC to 150 ºC . Color is red. 

Dispensing tip is ideal for getting the grease into tight gaps, right where you want it.  Slide tracks for pistols, trigger mechanisms, in between spring coils.  Syringe also comes with a cap, to prevent it from accidentally getting squeezed out in your shooting stool.


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