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Shooter’s Test Lens Kit to determine your ideal vision correction for shooting.

12 lenses, +1.5 Diopter to -1.5 Diopter in steps of 0.25.  Broader test set is recommended for people who wear glasses in everyday life, or who know they are nearsighted.

Test Lens set – 12 lenses in 0.25 diopter steps

Your eyes have changed with time, and you are having trouble focusing on  the front sight, or the target.  The fine line where the front sight touches the target is fuzzy. Your scores have dropped as a result.  You can buy a correction lens to improve your shooting. But what power?

Shooter’s Test Lenses allow you to try different lenses next to each other to determine what strength correction gives you the best shooting vision, while:

    looking through the sights of your rifle,

    at the distance you are shooting,

    under actual lighting conditions.

Why can’t your eye doctor do this for you? The vision correction you need depends on several factors:

1. The size of your rear aperture.

2. The exact distances to your front sight and the target.

3. Lighting conditions.

When you are in your eye doctor’s office, each of these factors is different from being on the range with your rifle:

1. Your rear sight aperture helps focus by improving your eye’s depth of field.  Any evaluation of corrective lenses should be done while looking through your rear aperture, so you have the same depth of field as you do on the range.

2. In shooting, you want to focus while simultaneously looking at your front sight and the target, to balance your focus between the two.  You want to test lens powers while looking at the front sight and the target together, so you can determine the best balance between the two.  Doctors try and test you looking at one distance at a time, often without understanding a shooter’s unique needs.

3. As light gets brighter, contrast is improved, allowing your eye to judge focus more precisely than when it is dim.  Diagnosing in an artificially lit doctor’s office is different from the range light conditions.  To diagnose accurately, you need to be on the real range, in real light.

This test lens set allows you to measure your shooting vision correction, by testing lenses while looking through your sights, at the actual distance being shot, with the actual lighting conditions you will encounter.  This will yield the most accurate diagnosis possible.

Shooter’s Test Lenses are optical quality glass lenses in frames.  Each frame is marked as to its corrective power.  Lenses are packed in a foam-lined plastic box for protection.

Note, these are not tempered or impact resistant glass, and could shatter if struck, causing injury, blindness, or death.  These lenses should not be used for actual shooting, or as a replacement for safety glasses.

These lenses are not a substitute for professional eye care.  If you suspect you have a vision problem, you should always consult a professional.

Best option if you are nearsighted, or want a greater range of test options.  Ideal for a club or team. Includes 12 individual optical quality glass lenses, from -1.5 to +1.5 diopter in steps of 0.25 in a storage box. Use this set if you have trouble seeing either the front sight or seeing the target.

PDF of Test Lenses Instructions


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