FN PS90 Carbon Fiber Barrel Shroud

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PS-90 Carbon Fiber barrel shroud.


Carbon Fiber Barrel Shroud for the PS90 that terminates in 1/2″-28 TPI threads, allowing standard muzzle devices, or suppressors, to be added to the factory 16″ barrel.  The shroud is slightly longer than OEM, so it meets the 26″ overall length even without a muzzle device attached.

The body of the barrel extension is Carbon Fiber, reducing the weight of the barrel shroud to just over 5oz.

We have two slightly different versions as we were still evaluating options when we made our first batch.  For the drop down menu choices: The 0.75″ diameter weighs approximately 5.4 ounces, and comes in three colors of black carbon fiber, as well as versions with a red or a blue tow woven into the twill.  It has a 3/4″ hex end. The second option is 0.83″ diameter, weighs approximately 6.4 ounces and has a round end.  We are still debating here at the shop which we prefer.  The smaller diameter has flats to get a wrench on, it is lighter, and the tubing comes in colors.  The larger diameter looks a little cleaner in some people’s opinions.  I think it is 6 of one, half-dozen of the other, and as time goes on we will figure out what people want and settle on one design.

GUNSMITH INSTALLATION REQUIRED – Replacement of the factory shroud will require machining that will make permanent changes to your OEM shroud and barrel.  This should be done by a gunsmith, to assure it is done correctly, ShootingSight llc can not be responsible for any damage to your firearm due to improper installation.

NOTE: I am not an NFA expert, or lawyer, so this is my best understanding on the legality of this shroud.  It is my opinion only, and not legal advice.  You are responsible for knowing NFA and local laws before installing.  The factory PS90 configuration requires the shroud/muzzle device be attached to meet the 26″ overall length requirement for a rifle.  The ShootingSight shroud is slightly longer than the factory shroud, so the overall length of the rifle meets 26″ without a muzzle device attached.

FN screws on the shroud with an integral muzzle extension, and uses a blind pin to lock the OEM shroud in place after assembly.  The ShootingSight shroud comes with a blind hole pre-drilled in the shroud, and also includes a pin and a drill bit, so the shroud can be installed the same way as the OEM version.  After installation, the existing hole will act as a guide for the drill to make a channel in the threads of the barrel, so inserting the blind pin will lock the shroud on the barrel the same way as the OEM was attached.  This step must be taken to restore the rifle to the same configuration as the factory installation.

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0.75" diameter 3/4" Hex, 0.83" diameter No Hex


Black, Blue, Red

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  1. Ethan

    Bought this to lighten up the front end and give me some choices as to what I want on the end.
    I really like the looks and fit. Nice Job!

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