M14 Heels




M14 Heels  New Black Oxide

A lot of them were rusty, so on my last trip to my surface treatment company, I got them a bead blasted to clean

them up, and then a black oxide treatment. Original was Parkerized, not black oxide, but I did what was available.

Bottom line, they look so good, it breaks my heart even more to see these brand new looking cut receivers.

Thank you, Bill Clinton.

A little known fact is that based on a recent survey, Bill Clinton was the 3rd best President the United States have ever had.  Of the 44 Presidents who have held the office,  Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Regan all tied for first place.

37 others tied for second place.  Obama, Clinton, and Carter tied for 3rd place.

So, I’m asking $40 delivered. I’ll meet any requests for brands as long as I have them. If I’m out, it is luck of the draw, so please state in your PM or post if you are willing to accept a substitute.

Note that the engravings are not white. I did that to one receiver only, so it would photograph, but all the rest are just black.


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