Tavor Rifle 2-Stage RPS Trigger™ – Aluminum Housing

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TAVOR 2-STAGE RPS TRIGGER™ ShootingSight is pleased to announce the TAV-D, the first true 2-stage trigger pack for the IWI Tavor rifle.

The Tavor is a superb rifle, with excellent design, ergonomics, fit/finish.  ShootingSight has designed the ideal trigger to go with it.

In chosing the best trigger for a battle rifle, we took a cue from the greatest battle rifle ever devised: the M1 Garand.  The M1 has a superb 2-stage trigger.  It is robust, but keeps the crispness and accuracy of a two-stage trigger pull.  The M1 concept was married with tool steel, CNC machining, and aerospace surface coatings.  The result is the TAV-D, a 2-stage trigger which is robust, smooth, and crisp.


· 2-stage, giving a predictable glass like break.

· 3lb first stage, 5lb total pull

· Machined from heat treated plate tool steel, for superior metal grain structure.

· Housing CNC machined from billet aluminum and Mil-Spec hardcoat anodized.

· Ultra hard / low friction surface coating allows lube free operation in dirty / tactical environments.

· Polished and honed sear surfaces for butter-smooth pull.

· Drop in trigger pack is fully assembled.


COMPATIBILITY WITH THE TAVOR 7.  We have been told our trigger works with the new Tavor 7, but we are waiting to get our hands on a Tavor 7 to test it ourselves (UPDATE: I have heard from a few customers that they are having issues with a Tavor trigger functioning in the Tavor 7, I recommend waiting, or contacting me before buying a Tavor trigger to use in a Tavor 7).


No modifications needed.

In order to ship to International, purchaser needs to select the option for exportation.

TAV-D Trigger Install

Warranty and Terms Trigger Hammer

RPS Triggers Video

5 reviews for Tavor Rifle 2-Stage RPS Trigger™ – Aluminum Housing

  1. Keith

    Very cool and I couldn’t,be more pleased. Great upgrade of the OEM trigger.

  2. Matt (verified owner)

    I Love this trigger! I have both the Geissele Super Sabra trigger for my X-95 and the the Tav-D for my Tavor SAR, the Tav-D is way better!! The Tav-D has a more constant pull and feel IMO! I wish I knew about the Tav-D before I gotten the Geissele trigger! This trigger is a must to improve your Tavor!

  3. Mark Volk (verified owner)

    This is a massive improvement over the stock trigger pack, especially on the SAR. Fantastic two-stage trigger. This should be the first upgrade you make.

  4. Allan Gibbs (verified owner)

    Turns the X95 from having an okay into a great trigger. Rapid shots or long distance precision are greatly improved. It will also work on the Tavor 7, however, I’m not sure of the longevity as the Tavor 7 has a larger hammer.

  5. Ahrion

    So this doesn’t make it better than the aftermarket 3-gun type AR15 trigger. This does however give it a pretty good AR type feel . However this does remove that mushy “bullpup” trigger feel. Pairing this with a Geissele lightning trigger bow with shims to remove wobble makes this the trigger that should have shipped with the Tavor x95 and makes it 250% more desirable to shoot. It’s crisp, clean, and predictable. Would recommend.

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