COLORED RPS Triggers™ for the AR-15


RPS Triggers™ for the AR-15 now come in colors.

These triggers are identical to regular RPS Triggers™ for the AR, the same Rolled Plate Steel, still CNC machined, 2 stage, blinding fast 4.2 ms lock time.  Still a 4.5 to 5# pull, with a butter smooth pull.  The only difference is we have applied a powder coat paint on the trigger bow to meet specific needs.

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The RPS Triggers™ upgrade kit is a 2-stage Trigger/Hammer for the AR-15 and other platforms using similar pivot pin spacing.

These trigger/hammer sets are CNC machined, so all sear surfaces are made from alloy Rolled Plate Steel. We NEVER use cast parts. RPS steel has a finer grain structure than cast steel, giving it greater tensile strength, impact resistance, and fatigue performance versus cast parts.  This allows the sear edges to be honed for an ultimate crisp break that will stay sharp longer for lifetime performance.

Kits from RPS Triggers™ all include EXTRA POWER Wolff hammer springs for maximum ignition energy and lightning fast lock-time of 4.2 ms. Second stage ‘creep’ is set to a minimum, so the second stage break is crisp with no felt-travel.

Triggers are non-adjustable. Sear surfaces have been lapped for ultimate smoothness, and have a NiB coating, which is very hard for wear resistance, and has a low CoF for smooth pull.

Pull weight is 4.5# to meet NRA/CMP minimum for Service Rifle class.

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Black, Tan, Blue, Red, Green, Red, Pink


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