Quick Break detent pin for AR-15




Positive locking detent pin replaces the rear take down pin on an AR-15/M-16 to allow faster and easier disassembly/reassembly.

This mushroom head pin has positive locking detent balls which lock the pin in place in the receiver, but leave an easy grip mushroom head exposed for fast and effortless removal.  By gripping the mushroom head and pushing the release button in the center, the locking detent balls retract, and the pin can be removed to break down an AR faster and easier – even if you are wearing gloves, or have slippery fingers.  What’s more, since the pins have a tapered leading edge, they help align parts  to make reassembly easier. The pin comes with a lanyard ring, allowing attachment of the pin to prevent loss, or else can serve as an attachment point for a quick sling.

Pins have a stainless steel shaft and an anodized aluminum head.

This pin is a direct replacement for the stock rear take down pin, and requires no modifications to your rifle.


Note: this pin is not legal for competition use in the Service Rifle class.


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