T25 T-Handle Torx Wrench


T25 Extended T-Handle Torx Wrench

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This T25 Extended T-Handle Torx Wrench, with dual tips, fits several of the screws on the FN-SCAR upper receiver.  This has no torque limitation built in, so it should not be used for final tightening on the barrel screws, but it is great for loosening the barrel screws, where you should never use a torque limiter, or for the other T25 screws on the upper receiver.

The fold-up SCARmorer tool includes a T25 Torx wrench that tucks away for compact storage in your field gear, but at home on your armorer’s bench, you have the space for dedicated full-size tools.  These T-handled wrenches fit the bill, and are a joy to use.


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