Rigger’s Belt


Heavy Duty Rigger’s Belt / Tactical Belt


Heavy Duty Riggers Belt – Tactical Belt


Mil-Spec Nylon webbing with forged USA made steel buckles.  This is a heavy duty 1-1/2″ belt that will not roll if you hang a holster on it.  Adjustable as small as you want, and fits up to a 52″ waist.

I happened upon a lot of surplus buckles at an auction.  I forget if they were from parachute harnesses, but they were expired, so no longer rated for load carrying, and were being sold for scrap value, so I bought a bunch.  I finally got around to asking a friend with an industrial sewing machine to cut up some webbing and stitch on velcro pads to hold the tongue down.  The design uses two buckles: the smaller one is a fixed figure 8 buckle that you use initially, to adjust the belt length to your waist size, the larger buckle has the sliding bar in it that you use to open/close the belt and adjust it to the tightness you want.  I forget the name of the larger buckle, it’s something like ‘Sliding bar D-ring’.

One color only at this point, a desert coyote, we’ll see if I introduce other colors at some point in the future.

This hardware is NOT Chinese.  These are stitched here in Cincinnati, and not by child/slave labor.  I’m not a belt manufacturer, so at some point I’ll run out of buckles, but these things were too nice to get sold at an auction for scrap.



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